Thursday, July 09, 2009

What ever happened to Danny Gans?

Ten weeks ago, Danny Gans was the biggest name in las Vegas. The musical impressionist's image towered over the Las Vegas Strip on electronic billboards. Hs name seemed to be on every taxicab in town. The man who did imitations of George Burns and Kermit The Frog was synonymous with the city and its future.

Today, it's as if Danny Gans never existed. A visit to the city finds videos of musical impressionist Wayne Brady and Gordie Brown (doing an Elvis impression as corny as anything Gans would serve up) playing at the arrivals section of McCarran Airport and Beyonce on the billboards of The Wynn Encore Hotel & Casino where Gans had only recently begun a long residency when he was found dead of a Dilaudid overdose on May 1st.

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JlM said...

so? whats your point? are you saying casinos should maintain his legacy by continuing to purchase advertising with his name on it? certainly not...so I'm simply confused by the lack of purpose in your two paragraphs...