Monday, July 13, 2009

Ryan Seacrest's former American Idol cohost Brian Dunkleman is sitting on his own multi-million dollar goldmine

Word that Ryan Seacrest signed a well-deserved $45 million deal to host three more seasons of American Idol has apparently led to a barrage of Brian Dunkleman jokes on Twitter, the radio and across the universe (Tabloid Baby pal Nili informs us that "Howard Stern was making fun of Brian Dunkleman on his show today... Artie Lange said he was doing stand up in Peoria and Howard said he was cutting coupons out of the Pennysaver...") Dunkleman was Seacrest's cohost on the first season of American idol, but quit the show-- yes, he quit-- because he thought it was "mean to kids."

On the surface, Dunkleman has not achieved the same level of success as his former cohost, but he has carried on an is sitting on a multimillion dollar goldmine in the form of a scripted comedy series about his travails, mishaps and public persona called American Dunkleman. Check out the trailer above and, agent and network pals, set up a meeting.

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