Monday, July 27, 2009

Sources: Ryan O'Neal's business manager is executor of Farrah Fawcett's estate

Word that Ryan O’Neal will not be receiving any of the proceeds of Farrah Fawcett’s will may be premature. Sources tell Tabloid Baby that the executors who will oversee the inheritance bestowed on her son Redmond, are Richard B. Francis and his son and partner Russell Francis.

Richard B. Francis is Ryan O’Neal’s business manager. After 43 years, Ryan O’Neal is Francis & Associates’ oldest client.

Francis, along with O’Neal and Alana Stewart, was named in the lawsuit by producer Criag Nevius that claims his documentary project and company with Farrah were taken from him unlawfully. Nevius is contesting an "Appointment of Chief Executive Officer and Delegation of Rights" document signed by Farrah in April, which appointed Richard B. Francis as Chief Executive Officer of Sweetened By Risk LLC, and gave him "the full power and authority to take all actions the Chief Manager is authorized to take."

O'Neal, meanwhile, took control of Farrah's cancer documentary project, which had been based on her diaries, and with the help of producers from NBC's Dateline infotainment show, turned it into an updated version of his 1970 film, Love Story.

In interviews and court papers, Nevius has claimed that Francis threatened him physically and professionally.

One source, a friend of Farrah, tells us this afternoon that “the fear” is that Francis or his son could simply assign control of the drug addicted, incarcerated 24-year-old Redmond's money to his father Ryan.

“That would put Redmond right back in his father's control, and that’s the last thing Farrah would want,” says one friend. “It's why she left Ryan to begin with.”

Farrah and O’Neal ended their 15-year relationship in 1997. O’Neal returned as a heavy presence in Farrah’s life after she was diagnosed with cancer in 2007. Ryan and Redmond were arrested together on methamphetamine charges at O’Neal’s Malibu home in November of last year.

In the final weeks of Farrah’s life, O’Neal stated that she had agreed to marry him on her deathbed. Farrah was never made available to confirm his statement. The wedding never took place.

Farrah passed away on June 25th at 62.


Anonymous said...

If it doesn't work in Redmond's favor, he should get his own legal representation.

Anonymous said...

Francis & Associates should respect Farrah Fawcett's wishes regardless of their ties to Mr. O'Neal. They are professionals after all, are they not? We'll be watching closely.

Anonymous said...

Professionals??? Yeah watch Ryan get his son back on drugs and Ryan will get it all. He did drugs with his son in the past and now with millions at stake Im sure redmond better get his dad out of his life befor he ends up like his mom,only with him a drug overdose.
I doubt Ryan's friends for 43yrs (professionals) will honor farrah's wishes. That money will end up in Ryans pocket. Redmond if clean now Im sure his dad will get him hooked again

Anonymous said...

Redmond should honor his mom's wishes and stay sober. He needs to stay away from all those people that could make him stumble. Unfortunately his father is one of those people. And probably his closest "friends". I think he can do it.

Anonymous said...

Son make your mother proud. I'm sure she is looking down on you. She can see you. Remember next time you want to have your fix or whateve floats your boat. Get away from people we are not healthy for you. She is in the arms of angels far away from here. Now you do your part and get right!
Good luck!