Monday, July 13, 2009

So Drudge, do Austrians think Bruno ist funny or ist-n't funny?

Matt Drudge and the team over at The Drudge Report make their millions by linking to other news organizations' stories so lazy and inexperienced news assignment editors can have something to cover and right wing talk radio show producers can have topics to pretend to be poutraged about.

But what about Bruno? On Sunday, Drudge linked to a Reuters report that folks in Austria think that Sacha Baron Cohen's new comedy about a flamboyantly stereotypical Austrian gay television personality is pretty funny.

Drudge gave it the headline:

Austrians say outrageous Bruno is funny.

Yet this morning, someone came into the Drudge office and changed the headline to

Austrians say outrageous Bruno isn't funny.

Again, for the record, the Reuters report says that

"Austrians say outrageous Bruno is pretty funny."

Perhaps it was confusion over the word "ist," which translates to "be or "exist"-- or "is"! Or maybe "pretty funny" doesn't count as "funny" this morning.

The film was #1 at the box office this weekend.


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