Sunday, July 26, 2009

American Idol's Glitter Girl killed in hit & run

This year's accelerated celebrity death cycle has taken a swerve toward the reality genre, bumping into the ridiculous along the way, with word this morning that Alexis Cohen, the middle-finger flashing madwoman wannabe who brightened up two seasons (Seven & Eight) of auditions on American Idol was killed over the weekend in a hit and run accident on the New Jersey shore.

Was she walking in the middle of the road? No matter; whoever hit her didn't stop. Homicide charges await. Internet tributes are already pouring in. Expect a salute on the next season of Idol.

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Anonymous said...

Other sites are actually making a mockery of this poor girls death like she was a complete nobody. She was a human being and it is so sad that her life ended in the way it did. It is no buddys business what kind of life she lead or that she tried out for idol and didn't make it she was still a human being and deserves respect people that are laughing about a persons death has to be mentally Sick or has no disregard for life unless it is their own or someone they know. I'm sure her mother is completely grief stricken over it and everyone else should show some form of respect.