Thursday, May 01, 2008

They went too far! Reader targets TMZ sponsors

TMZ targets the innocent.

Now the innocent are targeting TMZ.

The porn-pushing (and probably profiting) , the indiscriminate targeting of celebrities, the subliterate grammar and smutty jokes, the cruel mockery of the deceased, masturbation over Matthew McConaughey and overall offensive odor weren’t enough to create a groundswell against the corporate porn-pushing gossip site TMZ.com, but when the site printed the name and photo of an alleged victim of child sex abuse yesterday, the “mainstream” news media and ordinary folk alike are noticing what’s being generated by an operation owned by AOL and Time Warner Inc.), the media conglomerate which also owns Time Warner Cable, Warner Bros., the magazine publisher Time Inc. and a group of cable channels that includes HBO, CNN, TBS and TNT.

This afternoon, a Tabloid Baby reader went a step further-- launching a write-in campaign to sponsors of the site, which is fronted by shaved bronzed midget Harvey Levin, but which, in a smutty double entendre, attributes most of its postings to "TMZ Staff."

Jim Spice (above, far left), a web consultant from Milwaukee and the man behind the Jim Spice website and Lousy Liberal blog writes:

“My response to TMZ advertisers:

“‘I am disappointed that a reputable business such as yours would choose to advertise on a website that identifies underage victims of sex crimes.

“‘I strongly urge you to pull your advertising from TMZ.com.’”

And he follows with web addresses of the following TMZ.com sponsors:

Dell Computers
Identity Guard
Verizon Wireless
Wachovia Finance
General Car Insurance
Lending Tree
Ulta Cosmetics

Now, being survivors of Terry Rakolta and other prigs who’ve organized letter-writing campaigns and censorship pressures on past enterprises we’ve been involved with, and unfortunately gave blossom to the stink flower TMZ, we can’t support the email barrage, but everyone is free to exercise his or her right to be heard.


Anonymous said...


Why are you running male torso and drag queen shots along with your TMZ stories?

Is there some subtext we don't know about?

Anonymous said...

TMZ really is dumbing down an already dumb public.

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