Sunday, May 11, 2008

Yvonne Innes creates a garden for George

The Times of London reports this morning something that our pals at Frozen Pictures have known since the summer, when they filmed for The Seventh Python at Neil Innes' home in England: Yvonne Innes, Neil's wife and accomplished garden designer, has designed a Garden for George Harrison for the world's premier gardening event, The Chelsea Flower Show.

The Times reports:

"The Chelsea flower show is to feature a garden dedicated to George Harrison, the late Beatle.

"It is co-designed by his widow Olivia and depicts Harrison’s life in four stages – childhood, shown by a vegetable plot and a bike in rough grass; a Beatles and 1960s area; and representations of his older self and spiritual life.

"The 1960s section of the garden will contain the names of his songs and a 6ft-wide glass sun, reminding visitors of Here Comes the Sun, which Harrison wrote for the Beatles album Abbey Road in 1969. The flowers – palmatum, anchusa and achillea – represent the psychedelic colours of the era.

"The garden was co-designed with Yvonne Innes, who worked closely with Harrison before his death in 2001. She said: 'I knew what an amazing landscape gardener George was. I also realised few people knew this side of him and decided to design a narrative garden of his life and passing over to the next life.'”

Yvonne is featured in The Seventh Python, in a section about George.

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