Sunday, May 18, 2008

What the hell happened to Luke Ford?

Hey! What's going on with pioneer blogger and charismatic Internet personality Luke Ford? The Woodstein of the pornography industry-turned-conflicted Orthodox Jew has always been a controversial figure, but as long as we've known him, he's also been a well-groomed, camera-ready media star.

So imagine our surprise when we strolled though his site to see a photo of Luke looking like he'd been voted off Survivor, escaped from Josef Fritzl's cellar or at the very least stepped off a Chabad mitzvah tank.

We asked Luke what’s up.

TB: Nice new look. Is it religious-inspired or are you preparing for a movie role?

Luke: Yeah, the beard is a religious thing. I read an article in the February issue of Commentary magazine on the role of the beard in Judaism and then went to lunch and sat next to a guy with a beautiful long white beard -- the singer Rick Moses, a fellow convert to Judaism -- that I decided to grow a beard.

Have you indeed given up the porn coverage?

I sold lukeisback last October and have not written on porn since (not for any sites that have porn advertising anyway, I guess I've mentioned the topic a few times on lukeford.net).

Have you given up all secular pursuits?

I have not given up all secular pursuits by any means.

Who do you endorse for president?

I don't endorse anyone for president, but expect I'll be voting for McCain. Uggh.

Anything else to report?

Could you mention or link to my live cam?

You got it.




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Anonymous said...

Luke seems like an interesting guy. Certainly a unique combination of interests: Porn and Judaism. I'm not trying to be sarcastic or bloggy or anything. And he's conservative. Point!

Kimberly said...

I think he still looks great!

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I fully tie in with everything you have printed.