Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fan websites drive Seventh Python awareness

With tickets now on sale for the world premiere of The Seventh Python at Martin Lewis’ Mods & Rockers Film Festival next month, much of the buzz in and beyond the Innes fanbase has been generated by Innes fan sites on the Internet. And all that’s very fitting, since the worldwide Web is the very platform that’s spread Innes’ publicity around the globe for the past decade— and the movie itself is being billed as an “interactive” feature that sends viewers to their home computers for more after they leave the theatre (see the end of the post).

The Words of Innespiration website at Neil Innes.org is the original, a comprehensive guide to all things Neil, a starter course for newcomers and the meeting place for Innes fans around the world and universe. The site was created Bonnie Rose and Laurie Stevens, two fans in Los Angeles who ran the site and attracted fans from around the world for two years until Innes found out about. He approved.

This past week, Bonnie— who produced and directed animations for the film-- created a special The Seventh Python page on the Innespiration site-- and a new command center and clearinghouse for all things Seventh Python.

Neil in Us: The Neil Innes Unofficial Fan Page is a newer site begun by a diehard fan from Texas. Barb is her name and she’s got to be the #1 Neil Innes cheerleader in America right now. New friends welcome.

The Seventh Python Official MySpace page is just that—the movie’s MySpace page. In the first month of operation, it’s attracted thousands of MySpace “friends” and features new photos and exclusive Innes performance videos each week leading up to the big premiere.

A Tribute to Neil Innes is a new site run by a fan and writer based in the UK. It features great photos and videos of Innes from throughout his career.

Rokuvajes (a reference to Rock of Ages, Barb's favorite Innes song) is a companion page to the Neil in US site.

As is the recent The Innes Book of Memories. (See page six.)

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