Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Boston Emmys were handed out last night, but did Bill O'Reilly get one and did Mensa member Barry Nolan protest as he'd promised?

So they divided up the local Emmy awards at a hotel in Boston last night. That's the awards ceremony that former tabloid television host and self-proclaimed Mensa member Barry Nolan had promised to protest a special Emmy given to fellow former tabloid television host Bill O'Reilly by bringing O'Reilly's liberal comic TV foil Keith Olbermann as his date.

We've found a lot of write-ups about the awards, but none about the ceremony or whether O'Reilly got an award, whether Barry protested-- or if Barry's pull as a local cable television host married to a local journalism professor got the award scuttled ahead of time.

Information, please! Barry, please fill us in before the Boston gossip columnists do!


Anonymous said...

Barry Barry, lend me your comb!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, as a matter of fact, he did.