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We’ve been telling you about it for weeks now, but now the esteemed American Cinematheque has officially announced that its Mods & Rockers Film Festival will open with the world premiere of The Seventh Python, the new musical feature film about musical satirist and unheralded superstar Neil Innes, produced by our pals at Frozen Pictures.

And not only will Neil Innes be appearing at the legendary Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre for the premiere on June 26th— he’ll also be performing in a special concert at the theatre the following night:

Here’s the announcement from the American Cinematheque:

June 26 - July 9, 2008

Mods and Rockers

An Egyptian Theatre exclusive!

Join us for our ninth Mods and Rockers Festival, straddling the months of June and July in wide-stance, rock star fashion. We’re kicking off with the World Premiere of THE SEVENTH PYTHON, a superb documentary about founding Bonzo Dog Band member (and prime Python and Rutles accomplice) Neil Innes (who’ll be appearing In-Person)! It’ll be a super fun night, followed by another evening with Neil live in concert at the Egyptian.

We’ll also be featuring the U.S. Premiere of LOVE STORY, the fascinating documentary about key L.A. ‘60s band, Arthur Lee and Love as well as the Los Angeles Premiere of THIS IS GARY MCFARLAND, an incisive look at the Mod, ascot-wearing vibraphonist who died mysteriously in 1971. Plus in July you can look forward to screenings of Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett rarities as well as the welcoming of filmmaker Tony Palmer In-Person for his multi-episode extravaganza ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE, a glorious celebration of American music over 4th of July weekend. For more details go to: www.modsandrockers.com.

Thursday, June 26 – 7:30 PM
Rare L.A. Show by Neil Innes -
Double Feature: World Premiere!
Python/Rutles/Bonzos Star
Neil Innes In-Person!

THE SEVENTH PYTHON, 2008, Frozen Pictures, 88 min. Dir. Burt Kearns. "The Most Famous Rock Star You’ve Never Heard Of…" 40 years after he made his debut in the Beatles’ MAGICAL MYSTERY TOUR as a founder member of the legendary Bonzo Dog Band, the gloriously unplanned career of Neil Innes is spotlighted in this new documentary. Featuring appearances by all 5 surviving members of Monty Python. "You've got to remember that the Bonzos did 26 television shows with Eric Idle, Michael Palin, Terry Jones, and Terry Gilliam. I think Eric's acknowledged that there was an influence from the Bonzos in terms of the anarchy. There is a link…when the band first met Eric and Mike and Terry and whatnot, there was a certain mutual suspicion, 'cause we were crazy guys just coming off the road. And they'd come from Oxford and Cambridge, and they'd written stuff for David Frost, and they were young, up-and-coming writers…It was a kind of cross-fertilization that took place over a couple of years. We all became very good friends." – Neil Innes (from a Perfect Sound Forever online music magazine interview) http:///www.theseventhpythonmovie.com.

THE BONZO DOG DOO-DAH BAND 40th ANNIVERSARY CONCERT, 2007, Classic Rock Legends, 89 min. Featuring original members: Neil Innes, Roger Ruskin Spear, Rodney Slater, Vernon Dudley Bohay-Nowell, Sam Spoons, Bob Kerr and the Irrepressible "Legs" Larry Smith. The year 2006 marked the 40th anniversary of the release of ‘My Brother Makes The Noises For the Talkies’, the first record by The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. The part of the late great and sorely missed Vivian Stanshall is performed here in the live concert variously by Messrs Stephen Fry, Adrian Edmondson, Phill Jupitus and Paul Merton. For the first time since the group broke up in the early ‘70s, a British stage once again resounded to the inspired flights of lunacy of the Bonzos favorites performed live. Some of the songs included: "My Brother Makes The Noises For The Talkies," "Little Sir Echo," "Falling In Love Again," "We Are Normal," "The Trouser Press," "My Pink Half Of The Drainpipe," "Mr Apollo," "Look At Me, I'm Wonderful," "Rhinocratic Oaths," "Monster Mash," "Urban Spaceman," "Canyons Of Your Mind," "The Intro and Outro" and more! http://www.bonzodog.co.uk Plus Rutles and Bonzo Dog film and TV rarities. Discussion in between films with Neil Innes.

Friday, June 27 – 7:30 PM
Rare L.A. Show by Neil Innes -
Live Performance of Monty Python,
Rutles & Bonzo Dog Songs!

LIVE CONCERT WITH NEIL INNES. In celebration of the World Premiere of the new film about him, THE SEVENTH PYTHON, Neil Innes gives a very rare solo concert to celebrate the celebrations. He will perform songs from throughout his 40-year career, including material from the Bonzo Dog Band, Monty Python and Rutles canons. Entire program approximately 120 min.

The prestigious festival was founded by producer, humorist and impresario Martin Lewis (left) and Cinematheque programming director Dennis Bartok in 1999. Martin Lewis, who recently pulled off an unprecedented, historic reunion of The Rutles at the Egyptian, continues as the curator and face of what’s become the most prestigious pop culture and rock ‘n’ roll film festival in the world.

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