Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Venice Walk starlet on verge of prime time stardom

One of the stars of Robert Hegyes' groundbreaking Internet webisode series, The Venice Walk, is about to break out big and become the next big prime time television star .

TVGuide.com reports that "the enchanting Brea Grant — who made quite the impression as Landry's short-lived rebound girl on Friday Night Lights — is joining the cast of Heroes next season as The Speedster."

The accomplished young Brea played Alli, a flirtatious, emanicipated minor with a thing for drummers and cocaine, in the acclaimed Venice Walk, which centers on a group of Venice Beach delinquents who must report to a parole office played winningly by TV icon-- and Welcome Back Kotter sweathog-- Hegyes.

The series is Hegyes' brainchild and baby. It was executive produced by our pals at Frozen Pictures, is generating hundreds and thousands of hits on has shown up on a number of Internet sites, most recently Unicorn Media.


tb fan said...


Wow, combine Brea with Katheryn Winnick from Cloud 9 and your pals at Frozen Pictures are really some kind of starmakers! Good job!

(And no-o-o-, I'm not Tabloid Baby, Carolla boy!)

Anonymous said...

I am Adam Carolla and this ad was paid for by Jimmy Kimmel. On a serious note, great to see this talented actor get her due.

Anonymous said...

"our pals at Frozen Pictures." A phrase used into oblivion by Tabloid Baby. You might want to play around with the writing style a bit to lose the smell.

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty sure cloud 9 and frozen pictures are both affiliated with burt of tabloid baby. if you aren't burt then you are definitely a shill.

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