Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Diane Dimond stands up for Barry Nolan

Former tabloid television host Barry Nolan's response on the leftist Think Progress website has finally drawn the national support he could have used for his anti-Bill O'Reilly campaign that got him fired from his cable TV gig. Among the scores of sympathetic commenters to his essay is Diane Dimond, the former tabloid television reporter whose TV career effectively ended after her much-criticized, overzealous prosecutorial coverage (and collusion with the prosecutor) in the Michael Jackson molestation case was followed by Jackson's acquittal and her exit from Court TV.

Her Think Progress comments also seem to reflect thoughts about her own situation that have never been expressed publicly:

Diane Dimond says:

Barry Nolan and I worked together for many years and I count him as a dear friend, I wish him all the best in the future.

After having spoken the plain truth he is rewarded by a cowardly employer with walking papers. And the saddest truth is by speaking the truth, by exercising his constitutional right to say what he thinks off the job, Barry likely ended his broadcasting career. I hope I’m wrong because Barry is one of the smartest people in the TV business. But as a veteran of the industry I can tell you the ‘little guy’ is never rewarded for pointing out the failures of ‘the big guy.’

Its a shame what’s happened to tv journalism. Barry’s right, its been replaced by yelling and bullying and personal opinion and invective.

I repeat, its a shame. But Barry and others who walk away from in it disgust are to be applauded.

Love ya’ Barry.

Diane Dimond

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