Thursday, May 01, 2008

¡Oy, Eladio! Now the Mets get into the Israel act!

The excitement among Jewish New York baseball fans over Israel Baseball League batting champ Eladio "E-Rod" Rodriguez landing on the Yankees AAA team a step away Yankee Stadium is spilling over and everybody wants to get into the act-- including the New York Mets!

The crosstown rivals (whose Miracle alum Art Shamsky managed the Modi'in Miracle of the doomed IBL) announced today that May 29 will be Israel Day at Shea Stadium. Israel's 60th birthday will celebrated with Israel entertainment, dancing, Glatt Kosher stands-- baseball, of course-- "and other surprises."

"Other surprises?"

Like what? Eladio's bris?

Er hot nit zorg!


Anonymous said...

Hey Jerk! This was announced weeks ago! Talking about a late scoop!
They also have had an Israeli day for about the last 5 years .

casey said...

Thanks TB for spreading the word . Not all of us travel in the inside sports circles .
And I dont think youre a jerk .

Anonymous said...

And as I comment every few posts from the HATING MAN (Eli) - please -can you write us a blog about why you HATE the idea of Baseball in Israel so much - and why you are hoping for its failure. Yes I know you care about truth justice and the American way - and you are so upset the Barras did not pay his bills - but lets be serious you have had it out for them from day one. WHAT IS YOUR BEEF - was ther ea job promised you did not get?

Anonymous said...

Why don't you STOP trying to devert attention away from your responsibility to the people you defrauded! "Eli" is NOT the issue in this mess! "YOU" are! Try crawling out from behind the rock from which you hide!

Anonymous said...

"casey" = Tabloid Baby

Anonymous said...

just answer the question: how much money was raised, and where was it spent? wouldn't everything be cleared up if we had the answer to that question?

wouldn't it, larry?

Anonymous said...

It went to Larry's pocket.
The JNF contributed tons of money and they have no accounting,they now that the money was misappropriated and yet they want to employ Larry for fundraising . Sounds fishy doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

The JNF has issued a number of letters, etc in support of the IBL and deny and "misappropriation of funds". But what's the big deal about minor details like that.

Anonymous said...

Of course they are denying any misappropriation of funds. This would reflect badly on them and how they manage contributions. Just like with the bagel business Larry will not come clean.

His M.O. is to raise money and not provide any documentation or paper trail. This allows him to claim that he does not have the financial information, it is unavailable or will take too much time to pull together. It is then up to others to try to figure things out. An impossible job! He hides behind his religious observance but he lives a life of deception and unethical business practices.