Thursday, July 12, 2007

First he was dead, now Dr. Ruehl's a polygamist!

Tabloid Baby's good friend and contributor, public access TV legend and Tom Green Show regular Dr. Franklin Ruehl is turning out to be the most busy utility man in reality television. Last month, not long after he'd appeared as himself on NBC's Identity, he turned up dead, as a corpse who gets a bronzing treatment on E!'s Sunset Tan. It was only after emails started pouring in here, that we confirmed the Doctor wasn't dead--but acting!

Our reports led to international publicity for Dr. Ruehl, an appearance on The Soup, and ultimately a Sunset Tan confession that the "dead" man wasn't.

Well now, Dr. Ruehl is being outed as a polygamist!

That's his mug in ads for the Game Show Network's UK knockoff, Without Prejudice?, that premieres next Tuesday (July 17th at 9-- 8 Central Time).

"I will also be on GSN, in conjunction with this new show, announcing, 'I have seven wives!,'" Dr. Ruehl writes us. "Now, the irony is that I am actually a bachelor who has NEVER been married, in congruence with the program's theme that people are not always what they appear to be."

The ads appear in The National Enquirer and People magazine, which means that teens across the country will be ripping out the page and taing homemade Dr. Ruehl posters to their bedroom walls.

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