Monday, May 08, 2006

Carollawatch: Rachel's gone; new gal for dog collar

Charming newsreader Rachel Perry disappeared from the Adam Carolla radio show last month, within days of our story that singled her out as the sole bright spot on the show that replaced Howard Stern in L.A. and a few other markets— and revealed that she’s depicted wearing a dog collar and chain on the Carolla show website.

Official word was that she was off taping a TV pilot. Today, her dog collar photo is gone from the Carolla site, and in between ridiculing the accent of an immigrant named Oswaldo, Carolla announced that Perry’s been replaced by a gal named Teresa Strasser.

A check of the net shows Strasser to be a part of the Carolla-Jimmy Kimmel "family" already-- an actress and TV host who worked as a writer on Win Ben Stein’s Money , the game show that featured Kimmel in a supporting role. She’s got a website that shows her to feel pretty good about herself, but that’s bound to change as Carolla will systematically grind her into powder on the air, trampling on any jokes she might throw out, and trumping her witty asides with his long-winded, monotonous stream-of-consciousness “comedy” monologues.

Strasser ‘s no sex kitten. Physically, she’s cut from the Sara Silverman mold and seems to consider herself a smartypants. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of sexy shots the Carolla team digs up for their site.

Radio is very different in wake of the Howard Stern era. It will be interesting to see who’ll replace Carolla when his show is canceled. Maybe a simulcast version of Stern’s satellite show, which is listener challenged, though not nearly as seriously as Carolla's…

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Anonymous said...

Everyones a critic. I'm surprised that whilst trouncing Adam C you find time to compliment Rachel Perry (she who willfully posed with a S&M coller on). It's fine that you don't care for this show, but I'm a little surprised at how jaded you sound. Adam, one must remember, is filling the shoes of only the most notoriously potty mouthed MC ever. Your observations reguarding his long winded rants are accurate, but remember that those rants are what built his career, and what I, for one, tune in to hear. Look, morning radio hosts have over the last couple of years become interchangeable chuckleheads laughing maniacally at their own fart jokes while at the same time looking shiftily for the PC police. I happen to like that Adam was born without that gland that makes you sensitive to the worlds feelings. Everything seems regulated these days, I like a bit of Chaos every now and again. Especially in the morning.