Wednesday, May 03, 2006

TV Land steals show title from sex series

The nostalgic, family-oriented TV Land network has announced a slate of original TV programming, including a show that “looks at the roles that changed the lives of Hollywood’s biggest names.” The six-part series debuts June 28.

It’s called My First Time.

Ha! My First Time is the name of the recent 26-part Showtime series in which dozens of women related the stories of the first time they had sex. And it was hardcore (the talk, at least)!

The docudrama series, subtitled “True Stories of Love & Sex,” featured a now-legendary talk-dirty maraschino cherry-themed opening sequence and filmed, R-rated re-enactments of the women’s tales which were raw, real and sexy indeed.

It all gives the TV Land series a lot to live up to with its probable tales of Vinnie Barberino, Dr. Doug Ross and the like. And here's something to chew on: according to Variety, the TV Land series was originally sold as "My Big Break." Makes us wonder if the name was changed to make it sound "sexier."

The orginal My First Time was set to be the lynchpin of Showtime’s 2003 late night Fall weekend schedule, replacing the tired, dated Red Shoe Diaries fare with a jolt of reality and re-creation. And (as these stylish production stills attest) it worked.

But longtime Showtime chief Jerry Offsay left the network two months before its premiere!

New boss Bob Greenblatt scrapped Offsay’s lineup, delayed the show's debut til January 2004, buried it at 3 a.m., and went the lesbian and marijuana route to success (My First Time has the distinction of being the last project of the halcyon Offsay era).

My First Time was produced by the guys at Frozen Pictures, along with their partner Albert S. Ruddy. The trio next wrote and produced the Burt Reynolds comedy movie hit, Cloud 9. Ruddy went on to win his second Best Picture Oscar for Million Dollar Baby.

Stay tuned for Frozen Pictures' next move. You’ll see it here first.

It's not the end! Click here to see
more sexy stills-- and video--
from the original My First Time.


Cardinal Martini said...

You should devote more blog posts to this topic. I find the photos especially engaging, er... educational.

Fleshbot said...

We're sure it was just coincidence that lovably wholesome TV Land has created a new series that happens to share the same name as a fondly remembered erotic program on Showtime; besides, since there has to be more than a few "Leave It To Beavers" and "I Dream Of Jeannie's Ass" tapes in the back room of your local video store, it's probably just a case of unintentional homage.