Saturday, May 20, 2006

Hanks spends Da Vinci Weekend doing God's work

So how did Tom Hanks spend Saturday as his blasphemous blockbuster The Da Vinci Code raked in millions around the world in its second day of release?

Close to Jesus, of course.

Tom was out among the faithful, fulfilling his annual role as announcer and emcee at The St. Matthew's Town Fair in Pacific Palisades, California, raising money for the Episcopalian church and school. Then again, he did sport the Da Vinci Code hair and an ominous black t-shirt.

Last month, Tom shared the spotlight at the town's hunger run with Gavin Macleod. This time, he was relieved in the announcer's gazebo by Ted McGinley.

Humbling business, this God work.

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Andrew said...

Why hasn't he gotten a haircut already?