Monday, May 15, 2006

Phil Hendrie's sitcom is canceled

NBC announced today it's canceling Teachers, the middling sitcom that features crazed radio genius Phil Hendrie in a supporting role.

It's sad news, because Hendrie sounded really excited about his big network break, and even brought his fellow cast members onto his radio show to gush about the cameraderie and magic on the crappy series. But amid the giddiness, he also announced he's giving up his radio show on June 23rd-- quitting radio-- to pursue a career in acting.

We can understand his enthusiasm, at his age, after so many false starts and decades working behind the glass in cramped radio stations for cramped executives and producing hours of bilious brilliance ain a medium that's beneath him.

But Hendrie on the radio is one of a kind. Maybe now that he's lost his new day job, makeup artist, trailer and caterer, he'll reconsider. Aagh... but he won't.

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