Friday, March 24, 2006

Tiger Woods targeted by nude wife attack

On the eve of Tiger Woods’ rare sitdown interview with Ed Bradley on 60 Minutes, the world's most famous athlete has been targeted by an Internet email sex attack, as email boxes across Hollywood and the world are being flamed with alleged naked photos of his beautiful Swedish wife, the former swimsuit model and nanny Elin Nordegren. The pictures have surfaced before, but why they're flaming across the Net now is a mystery.

Be warned: As far as we know, their authenticity has not been verified.

The pictures could be photoshop fakes. And Elin has an identical twin sister, Josefin-- so the woman in the photos could even possibly be her.

One clue: A tattoo in one of the shots:

Email us here if you have any knowledge.

In any case, Tiger has had enough problems, like his father’s cancer, throwing him off his game. (He’s having a bad day at The Players.) His marriage has reportedly caused some friction. We’ll see if the marriage issue is addressed with Ed, beyond the promoted revelation that when he and Elin have kids someday, he'll make some changes in his golf schedule because the children must come first.

We found the photos posted here.



Anonymous said...

I've stroked that tatoo...she's the one, I pity Tiger.

Now Mogul

Anonymous said...

WOw tiger you can't handle all that

Anonymous said...

i thot he was a tiger, wat a wuss

Anonymous said...

Tiger is a cry baby !! Suck it up Tiger ...you married used goods not a saint !!!

Matt said...

Ok, stop that crap. That's definitely not her.

First. I've had a slideshow presentation with those same pictures for years (at least 4 or 5). And the girl used to be called Sofía Vergara (from the TV show "Hot Properties"). And again, She is not Sofía.

Second. Are you guys blind? She's a good blond girl with a great body and a perfect face, but she is not Elin Nordegren.

Third. If anyone knows WHO this girl is please post her name.

Thanks! And enjoy anyway!

Anonymous said...

There you have it. She is KIMBERLY HIOTT, apperently a not so-well known nude model. Hopefuly we will see her on new photo sets after this great missunderstanding where she gained a lot of fans!

And by the way... Tiger, yours is a good one too! But Kim she's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

she very hot rubbing that lotin on her boobs makes her even better.

Anonymous said...

You should be proud...pulling a chick like that in a BUICK!!! You got game.. You should really be proud.. Way to go champ!!

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Anonymous said...

it's an arranged marriage. i slept with Elin. tiger slept with her sister, thinking it was Elin because Elin wanted to be with me.

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