Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Mike Wallace, grand old tabloid man

Mike Wallace, the grand old man of CBS News, the man who helped create modern television journalism, the star of the greatest tabloid television show in history, a man who knows the balance between entertainment and journalism, a man who could set George Clooney straight on what really went down in the so-called Golden Age of television, and, among many other distinctions, the man who tabloid television legend and renowned documentary director Eames Yates calls “Dad,” is retiring from “60 Minutes.”

Good luck, Mike. And thanks.

We at Tabloid Baby have good reason to thank Mike Wallace.

Though he’s one of the most influential, important, and busiest television journalists, though he’s a worldwide star, Mike Wallace took the time to read the galleys of Tabloid Baby before its publication. And though its contents may have shed a less-than-flattering light on the media he helped invent, Mike Wallace once again told it like is, the consequences be damned.

He wrote a review blurb for the book, and allowed us to display it on the book's dust cover. His seal of approval meant a great deal, especially in light of the organized network media ban on a book that, like Mike Wallace, cut close to the bone.

Read his words on the book jacket and on Tabloidbaby.com:

“Sad, funny, undeniably authentic, Tabloid Baby tells the tale of what befell too much of mainstream television news over the past couple of decades as the bad drove out the good.”

Thanks again, Mike.

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