Thursday, March 02, 2006

John Paul assassination plot: Now they listen!

It's reported today that an Italian parliamentary commission has concluded “beyond any reasonable doubt” that the Soviet Union was behind the assassination attempt on Pope John Paul II in 1981.

Watch the newsmagazine shows and cable networks climb all over themselves to copy the story now that Drudge is trumpeting it.

But once again, the so-called “mainstream” news media is about fifteen years behind the times. Once again, legendary journalist and producer John Parsons Peditto (and his Parco International Productions) had the story first. Fifteen years ago! And the mainstream news media ran the other way because they didn’t have the sources or the inclination to investigate—and because they don’t like getting beat by the mavericks.

“The Plot To Kill The Pope" was one of the first episodes of Parco’s worldwide syndicated Conspiracy Tapes series, hosted by Tabloid Baby pal and current CNN hero Jack Cafferty.

Parsons and crew went to Europe, dug through Washington and discovered that the shooting of John Paul was a KGB plot, conducted by boss Vladimirovich Andropov, using convicted shooter Ali Agca and a group of Bulgarians. (Parsons had Acga saying as much on camera). The coverup and single-shooter theory were spread by the Opus Dei crowd and other American Catholic extremists, Casey, and Brzezinski, because they were secretly using the Pope as a warrior to work with Solidarity to bring down communism.

When the report aired in the early Nineties, Parsons and Cafferty got roughed up by the network boys and girls. They called it “tabloid.” They said Parsons was a conspiracy theorist. Even though the series was in domestic syndication and Parco sold the series all over the world, it was largely ignored.

Ha! Now the newsmagazines are clamoring for copies!

John Parsons Peditto, who's scooped the majors time and again, recently teamed with Tabloid Baby author and journalist Burt Kearns for Parco’s latest explosive documentary. Bin Laden’s Escape finds and reveals the true story behind Osama bin Laden’s escape from Tora Bora and his activities since. Once again, trailblazer Parsons goes against the conventional wisdom in zooming in on bin Laden’s current whereabouts.

Bin Laden’s Escape is being broadcast across the globe—but no network in the United States has yet had the guts to go with it.

Will it take a Drudge report to get their attention?

“I hope we don’t have to wait fifteen years for this to find its way onto American television,” Parsons said today.

No matter how long it takes, just watch. Once it hits, the others will follow.

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I sure would like to know who this Parsons is - does he know where Bin Laden is?
Do you?