Sunday, March 26, 2006

Evangeline: 'Lost' nudity pressure led to mutiny!

Copies of Los Angeles magazine are sailing off the shelves and being stuffed into supermarket bags across Southern California now that the April issue and "Survival Guide," featuring beautiful Lost star Evangeline Lilly as covergirl and interview subject, has been unleashed.

Tabloid Baby’s Lost correspondent “The Thumb Guy” called from the shipping dock to give us the scoop on the single-page, yet explosive Lilly Q&A : “Evangeline is standing strong against constant requests for her to go topless on the show. She says she’s proud that the panties fans steal from the set are for sale on eBay. And she hates Hawaiian drivers—ironic in light of the high number of Lost cast members’ speeding and drunk driving arrests!”

The newsmaking sections of the Los Angeles page:

How do you survive…

The 15th time you’re asked to shed your clothes for the TV audience?
Kick and scream until the director has no choice but to tell you, “Okay, you can wear your tank top.” There’s a scene where Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and I find a waterfall and jump in—he takes off his shirt and jumps in his jeans, and I take off my jeans and jump in my underwear and tank top. Why do I feel inclined to get into my underwear? I wasn’t even supposed to wear a tank top, but I fought and fought. I polled every woman on the set and finally the director agreed to let me wear the tank top. Female mutiny on the set works.

That jungle commute to work every morning? The notion of “aloha” is really nice when you’re a visitor walking on the sidewalk and everyone’s cool and going “Yay! Aloha!” But when you’re on the road running late for work and everyone’s fucking “Yay! Aloha”? You want to snap! No one understands there is a passing lane, no one understands there is a speed limit you can exceed.

The knowledge that your stolen underwear may be for sale on eBay? With pride.

Evangeline is also featured in the new US Weekly, in which a panel of fashion experts trashes the dress she wore to the Grand Slam Sci Fi Summit (and on the cover of Flare magazine). Our Thumb Guy, who has already praised the get-up, promises a headline-making response to US.

(...and a tip of the Tabloid Baby hat to the informative, entertaining and Disneyriffic Hollywood Thoughts for giving us a plug amid its own Lost scoop.)


Cassandra said...

Evangeline must be so happy to have her very own stalker! How happy I am for you that you are still posting worthless crap, and getting away with it.

That was sarcasm, by the way.

Do us true Lost fans all a favor, and just stop already. This is just getting pathetic. We all know you're a 60+ year old, ugly, marriedless pervert who has nothing better to do than report on the status of Miss Lilly's clothes.


Let it go, you big fucking loser. I don't want to have to tell you again! Leave Evangeline Lilly alone!

Oh and please feel free to visit the URL I've linked to on my name. A little message, from me to you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cassandra, you're cute!

charlie pace 4 ever said...

C.R.E.E.P.Y , dude seriously you need a hobby maybe something more suited to your age like bingo !! Im sure evangeline feels great about the fact she has greasy old pervs lusting after her arent there laws against stalking ???

Evi rocks