Friday, March 10, 2006

Disney's shaggy cast

It promises to rain in Los Angeles this weekend, so we’ll probably wind up taking the kids to the movies to see Disney’s remake of The Shaggy Dog.

We don’t really look forward to the probable butt-sniffing and leg-humping gags, but we do have to hand it to Disney for providing our kids with such positive role models as stars Tim Allen and Robert Downey, Jr.

Tim Allen is a convicted drunk driver who did a stretch in prison for dealing cocaine, and of course Downey, Jr. served his prison time for various drug-related parole violations.

One per Disney film is special enough, but to have two rehabilitated felons and ex-cons making the kids laugh gives hopes to inmates everywhere.

Women shouldn’t feel left out, either.

Shaggy Dog co-stars Kristin Davis and Annabelle Gurwitch prove that a little soft-core semiporn in a gal’s past doesn’t mean she can’t be right up there with Ariel, Belle and Mary Poppins.

(Click here for the Kristin & Annabelle nudes).

Thanks, Disney, for the wholesome family fun!

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www.defamer.com said...

Tabloid Baby takes a fun little tour through the sordid pasts of the cast of Disney's wholesome The Shaggy Dog remake, including Tim Allen and Robert Downey, Jr's criminal records, and Kristin Davis and Annabelle Gurwitch's onscreen nude work.