Sunday, March 12, 2006

Pellicano's Nude Bomb

Hollywood’s big wiretap scandal surrounding imprisoned private eye Anthony Pellicano is getting uglier by the minute, with lots of insiders hoping that big fish get fried. The New York Times is taking the lead in coverage, and Monday’s explosive story focuses on Garry Shandling’s former fiancée and player in his Larry Sanders Show, Linda Doucett, as a victim of Pellicano snoopery in Shandling's legal brawl with new Paramount boss Brad Grey.

The Larry Sanders Show was one of the greats. In its day, it was appointment viewing up there with The Sopranos. It also figures in the book, Tabloid Baby. Linda, who played Hank Kingsley’s assistant Darlene, was a true comedienne in the role and surely added to Jeffrey Tambor’s historically hilarious portrayal.

We also remember how she got screwed over when her love with Shandling went bad. And how she got back at her ex by appearing in Playboy. She’s married now, apparently retired with a kid, but now she's figuring in the Times' attack on Brad Grey and an online tribute to her nudie glory days has already popped up here.

Speaking of the Pellicano shamus scandal, fans of Tabloid Baby know that from the days of Fred Otash and Milo Speriglio, private eyes and Hollywood go hand in hand. Wiretaps, spying, bug sweeps, surveillance photos and phone transcripts were and are part of the game. They can play dirty out here, and having the phone number of a good private eye is as important as the number of a DUI attorney if you live anywhere within five miles of Mullholland Drive.

The best Hollywood private eyes are as colorful as the industry they work with and tell better stories than the studios. The most recently legendary, acclaimed and hardworking legit Hollywood private eye today has got to be Dan “Danno" Hanks.

Danno’s exploits featured prominently in Tabloid Baby. His achievements are part of Hollywood history, his past indiscretions are acknowledged by Danno as part of his legend, and pale when compared to the great work he’s done, helping folks in need—in and beyond the industry.

Danno, a real-life Jim Rockford, runs Backstreet Investigations. He and his partner, Fred Valis, were a made-for-television team, and set to be the subject of a TV action series. After Fred died unexpectedly last year, Danno carries on, investigating and pitching. His stories could help Brad Grey get Paramount back on track (and Danno’s family: he worked there in the Hard Copy days). He's got an autobiography in the works that would blow the white out of Anthony Pellicano’s hair. We've gotten a look.

Watch out for Danno Hanks’ memoirs. They’re up there with Tabloid Baby.

And here’s more of the naked Linda Doucett.

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Here's a photo of Linda Doucett when she was a Playboy Bunny: http://www.pjtv.tv/Playboy_bunny.htm