Thursday, March 30, 2006

His buddy Greg from the newsstand

Everybody dies. We write about dead newsmen all too often because too many of us idiots die too young, too often because we ride the rails and grease the skids. But tonight, Hollywood Thoughts remembers a different kind of newsman.

He’s the guy at the newsstand, the one who sells us our papers and magazines, the guy we check in with every morning or maybe every night around the time we know the next day’s papers are about to be tossed off the truck. (In this case, not the woman in the picure, but it worked, you know?)

Sometimes the guy won’t make change for our twenty. Once in awhile, he’s Slash, or Noel Harrison, or she’s Harry Ryttenberg’s mum. But most of the time, he’s Greg from the newsstand. He’s part of the neighborhood, the guy you share a few words with every night or so for maybe five years and never get to know his surname, but you know him and he knows you and your kid, and one day he’s not there any more because he’s dead.

Renowned Hollywood writer and producer Jon Crowley knew Greg from the Sherman Oaks, California newsstand, who died suddenly this week. And Jon’s boy Jack will be reminded that he knew Greg, too.

They don’t give Pulitzers for blogs, at least we don't think they do, but then again, those corrupt Pulitzer bastards ignored the book Tabloid Baby, so what do they know? But let us be the first to clue you that Crowley’s piece on his pal Greg from the newsstand is straight from the heart and will wind up in anthologies.

Check out Hollywood Thoughts. And buy a big fat Sunday newspaper from another city in memory of Greg, the guy from the newsstand with the ZZ Top beard.


Anonymous said...

Oh look, Melissa from OO finally has a brain after all.
By Melissa on July 10.

I thought the Nightline story was overly negative towards the movie and Olivia. I'm not too keen on the lead gal in the play making fun of Olivia's 'stylings' on "Suddenly". And why do an Australian accent? It's not crucial to the character, and it just seems an unnecessary jab at Olivia.
Now she needs to lose about 65 ponds.

Anonymous said...

By Kev on Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I kinda thought the same thing, if the producers
had to depend on publicity from the Nightline story...Xanadu would be closing toomorrow!!!

Definitely a negative spin on the movie and Olivia in my opinion.

While leader Kevin has no brain and follows Melissa's lead. Now we know which one is the leader in bed together.

Anonymous said...

Here's more from moron Melissa.

Judging solely the piece that aired last night, I think it came off as ridiculing the movie and the play. I mean, did I actually hear the word "wretched" used? I bet the producers of the play are thrilled that the host said "Xanadu opens tonight, and we'll let you know when it closes".

I hope the play does well, I just didn't like "Nightline".

Anonymous said...

By Magicman

Latest pet peeves:

* It's not "Party All Over The World" ... just "All Over The World."
* Not including "Suddenly" among the Top 20 songs from the "Xanadu" film soundtrack in much of the current press for the Broadway show

This joins:

* Not hyphenating Newton-John
* Referring to the song or album "Physical" as "Let's Get Physical"
* Those who forget Olivia's career before "Grease"
* "Twist Of Fate" - a duet with John Travolta
* Today's radio only playing Olivia's music from "Grease" as if she never had any other hits in her career

Any more you would like to add?

By Vic

This is kinda petty but!

When introducing YTOTIW or SN on the radio calls them by John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John when she is foremost the singer here.

By Xanadude

* Finding Olivia CD's in the "J" section!!!!
* Worse: NOT finding any Olivia at ALL!

By Kerryg

Someone commenting "oh, that's a nice gift, it must be for your parents" when I went to get her concert photo framed last year.

By Johnny

You guys have waaaaaaay too much time....

Yes those OO idiots have too much time on their hands to name pet peeves.

Anonymous said...

By Dolphinonj

There is a group on myspace called Walgreens employees against Olivia Newton John.
I don't know if any one here has seen this,But it pissed me of to no end, They say some pretty hateful things.

Yeah more time on your hands just to go over to that message board and cause trouble for those innocent people. What are you wacko?

Anonymous said...

By Kiliki

There are a lot of hateful people in this world. Apparently, many of them disgruntled Walgreens employees.

OK Kris, let's talk about the hateful things you say about OO members. You say Melissa is fat, we know that!
Kim needs to mind her own business, we also know that and get a root job.
Xanadudue needs a life, alreay know.
Bri needs to stop speaking his mind as well as Vangogh.
Farmer, we are sick of reading about Olivia's hair and makeup, who cares?
Melissa, Kevin and Bill cannot moderator a group!
Dale, Kris says she is sick of talking about Lynda Carter you know your wonder woman collection? So what!
MichaelUK who cares about politics same goes for Kay from Germany.
Magicman needs to stop copying from Google news reports.

Anonymous said...

Precous love from OO:
well heres the story..

i was standing in nyc waiting for olivia to arrive..john and pat farrar arrived first and i took a bunch of pics of them before olivia arrived. then olivia arrived and i had to push some guy out of the way because he was taking my spot! he got kinda mad. then aftre olivia went through the door to go into the show, this guy came up to my mom and i and the people who were standing around me (i got to meet paula, who is a board member!) and he told us that he has one ticket to the show and does anyone want it. so i said to him that i definately wanted it!! then he said, well theres another thing too..there is an after party also. so i started like screaming and jumping up and down! so i finally convinced my mom to let me stay in nyc alone (kinda scary since im only 17) and i would take a train to my uncles in NJ. so i walked inside the theatre...we had last row balcony seats but you could still see the show really well. oh..he was a lighting guy so thats how he got these tickets. so yeah i saw the whole show! it was excellent!!! i kept thinking to myself...Oh my gosh olivia is in this theater right now!..so then aftre the show, we went to this after party and john and pat showed up first then olivia. i saw olivia go upstairs so i went up there a few minutes later. (cynthia nixon from sex and the city was also there..) so i got upstairs and olivia was sitting down talking to her "new love" and i walked up to her very nerd-like and asked for an autograph. she said of course and i said thank you and then turned around and stood there for a while. then she got pictures taken with everyone...the ones that you see in the "whats new" section..they were all taken at the party. so then i walked downstairs and walked around for a little trying not to bug her but then i had to go back upstairs and get a pic with her. so i walked upstairs and she was in this private section so i just waited outside the section for a few minutes until she walked out. she finally did and it looked like she was leaving, so i followed her and in the entrance way i asked her for her picture. she said sure sweetheart. so then i asked her if i could take a picture of her with my phone and she said sure so i was standing there ready to take a picture and she said "wait a minute..i dont wanna be in it alone! come over here with me." so the guy that gave me the tickets took a picture iwth my phone and then i took a few more pictures of her while she was posing with other people. then she walked out, signed a few autographs and walked ot her limo with her arm around "the man".

Anonymous said...

By Pollywaffles on Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hmnnn....I was thinking that that thing with the cross might've been a rosary she brought with her to pray for good reviews...(or that no one else would fall on their coccyx)

Can we say Pollywaffles is stupid!

Anonymous said...

By Bri on Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Not a sequel but a remake of the original.
By Dale on Wednesday, July 11, 2007

yeah..it is out in August and he's still re-doing the ending.
And they are calling it a "re-imaging".whatever that is??

By Dale on Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Last month I read a review from someone who saw the first draft and said it wasn't that bad but now he's in the studio addding more killings and gore. The first didn't need all of that.

Yes, let's do a remake of Halloween with Melissa, Kevin, and Bill Zullo. We can call it the Hallow OO's because no one has a brain over at OO.

Anonymous said...

Nasty comments:

By Bri

You do not know me still. I am not attempting to antagonize anyone or anything nor do I bait.
I don't understand your fascination with all of this but if it's your interest to keep it going, then by all means...

By Bri

It's interesting that you can attach yourself to any random thread and add your humor to it which your followers enjoy and you can refer to someone as "that black woman" (I know you didn't mean harm by that but I thought we were past those days) and can ask if someone's finger's stuck and yet it's ME who is anatagonizing by using the words I choose to use.
And it seems hypocritical to give your beloved warm loving Rosie a pace in the "fashion dept."

But maybe I just clash with your humor style.

And as someone so obsessed with hairdos and clothing and thinning hair and product, to not notice Rosie's slovenly appearance on her video blogs is shocking.

But I do not know you either.

By Farmer

Master Bri,

I throw stones at those who are mean and not nice....nasty comments that are not meant for humor will not hit people i like. Sure I like livvy looking beautiful and maintaining her magic...and of coarse physical appearances of the same sex might appeal to my nether regions. ....but intellectually speaking one coast to another, looks arent' important compared to the person inside and what they contribute and share. Shirley we agree on this?

Perhaps your being a former underwear model as your OO bio once said, you are immune what it might be like not to be beautiful as a man.

By Bri

What was so nasty - "slob"? I can't fathom for the life of me that. REGARDLESS OF HOW SHE LOOKS, that she presents herself so slovenly. And she doesn't present as pretty on the inside.

You really don't know me, based upon your comments.

Perhaps one day you will talk to someone who does and they will share with you how I don't judge people based upon what they were or were not blessed with.

By Bri

Apparently, we misinterpret each other so perhaps we should leave it alone.

But I do think I'm right in my surprised assessment of her and I am surprised that you would think that that was meant to antagonize you.

The thing about this place, even after 8 years of being her, is you think you word your posts correctly and you still end up getting shut down by the current fave.

By Bri

Ok then well - I don't get what I do or did that gets you going then.

Anonymous said...

More Nasty remarks from the OO board.

By Magicman

And did that Broadcast B*tch recant her remark about announcing the show's closing?!?

Anonymous said...

Body parts on Olivia, bizarre!

By Xanadude

Photos Including several of just her FEET?! LOL!