Saturday, December 06, 2008

Davidson's pathetic lunge for Ramsay's spotlight

Exiled racist wife-beating homo-hating British comedian Jim Davidson sure made an even sadder fool of himself this week by selling a trumped-up story to one of the British tabloids so he could get some publicity in his homeland. The current resident of Dubai, who claims to be "scared to death" of Tabloid Baby's author, made headlines with his foggy claims of having previously bedded the professional mistress who'd allegedly had a long affair with married TV chef Gordon Ramsay. The ungallant sot called the woman his "leftovers" and threw out the idea of peddling his own cookbook. The uneducated panto vet's most recent connection to cooking was last year, as a contestant on a UK celebrity version of Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen. He was thrown off the show for referring to homosexuals as "shirt lifters."

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