Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tabloid Baby's Person of The Year for 2008

Brett Hudson

Tabloid Baby's 2008 Person of The Year

“I want to show that when it comes to cancer,
there are alternatives, and recovery begins
when you take your destiny into your own hands.”

Thirty years ago, Brett Hudson was an "Apple Pie Hero," an All-American pop star with hit records, sold-out concert appearances, several television comedy series and starring roles in movies. As a third of The Hudson Brothers, he'd have no idea the kind of hero he'd become in 2008, as he shared the story of his battle with throat cancer and spread the news of treatments available to those who are able to look beyond the practices of the American medical and pharmaceutical establishments.

Brett Hudson is well-known in Hollywood. Everybody knows Brett Hudson. Since The Hudson Brothers hung up their guitars and matching sweaters in the early Eighties, he's forged a successful and influential career as a television and movie writer and producer. From the cult movie Hysterical to the sports comedy classic Cloud 9, from the landmark comedy series Offshore Television to his groundbreaking documentary work with Frozen Pictures, he's a skilled professional, visionary, mentor-- and one hell of a raconteur.

But it was his decision to seek alternative treatments after a cancer diagnosis in the summer of 2007 that led him on a course that's saving lives and giving hope to thousands of Americans who had been told that death was the only answer.

It began when he set about turning his ordeal into a documentary project. The Klinik tells an only-in-Hollywood story that is finally rubbing off on the rest of the country.

As it states on the project's website:

"...After weeks of grueling chemotherapy that shrunk his frame, took his hair, sapped his energy and wracked him with nausea that no medical marijuana could ease, all he could look forward to were brutal radiation treatments that would do irreparable damage to his body… possibly take his voice… or even kill him.

"And then he got a call from Cher.

"Yes, that Cher.

"Brett’s old friend from his days as a Seventies television star told him there was a better way. It wasn’t the American way. But it was a way that could kill his cancer-- and not kill him in the process. The treatment would be far more precise and less invasive than what is offered in the States. It would attack the tumor and not batter his body. Brett wouldn’t lose his taste buds, his larynx, or have to learn to swallow again...

"Days before he was set to be strapped to a table in Los Angeles for the first of seventy radiation blasts, Brett Hudson booked his trip. His destination: a small private hospital in a charming village at the foot of the Alps: The Klinik."

Key to his influence is a blog on that Klinik movie site, in which he shares his experiences, frustrations with insurance providers, medical treatments and progress-- and, beginning with a shocking installment on November 7th, his current radiation and chemotherapy regimens after additional cancer cells were detected.

All of this life-changing business happened to coincide-- and in fact, push along-- plans for an unexpected reunion of the Hudson Brothers. While brother Bill Hudson (Kate Hudson's dad) finished his first-ever solo album, Brett and brother Mark appeared at Beatles fans conventions in Las Vegas and Chicago. Mark told the legions of fans about Brett's fight, and within days he'd become a lightning rod for people across the country.

And even though Brett Hudson continues his recovery through a brutal regimen, he spends hours on the phone and online with strangers, leading them in directions they might never have expected or hoped for.

Talk about using your celebrity, influence and fame for doing good.

Check in with Brett Hudson's blog and watch for The Klinik.

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Anonymous said...

I will have to agree with you Tabloid Baby.. Brett Hudson has been such a influence to alot of people over the last year. He deserves to be the person of the year...

longfink said...

Amen, "Anonymous"!!!! Brett's been an inspiration to me and so many others. The perfect choice for Person of the Year. As you've said, Brett, this has been the fight of your life. And you're winning!!! Lots of love and prayers to you. Kathy

jrtnutt said...

I found Brett's website www.theklinikmovie.com 2-3 weeks before my brother in law was diagnosed with stage 2 throat cancer. I had been following his blog and reading about his treatments. I feel finding him was some how meant to be. The things I have learned sure will help my brother in law from the ravages of radiation treatments. I wish Brett all the best in 2009 and Congratulations!!!!

DRDorisinTN said...

Kudos to a very brave & inspiring man, that I just met in July,2008! What a wonderful man. So many people love him, (besides the "teen fans" from the 70's"). Even with all the pain he is enduring, he manages to make a joke here & there & to keep his friends up to date.


[People, get over your GREED, POWER & MONEY ISSUES!!] Get REAL!

Teresa said...

I can't think of a more inspiring person to be named Person of the Year!! I have been a fan and admirer of the Hudson Brothers since 1974 and have been following Brett's journey since I found the klinik website in August. Brett's honesty and candor about living with cancer is amazing! Having recently lost my mother to cancer, I know the physical toll this disease takes on its victims and the emotional toll on loved ones. Reading Brett's blog has been a source of strength to me as I deal with my personal loss. I pray for Brett as he continues to wage his personal battle with cancer and fight for better medical care for those who lives are changed by this disease.

yvette said...

Brett and his brothers brought so much happiness to me and my friends during our teen years! We will certainly be praying for him -he is truly an inspiration to many!