Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Our Man Elli in Israel reacts to news that he and Tabloid Baby have been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize for the coverage of the Israel baseball saga

Yes, Tabloid Baby has been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize-- thanks to new rules that allow online news organizations to be considered for the honor. Our coverage of the fall of the Israel Baseball League has garnered nods in three categories for our editor and correspondent Elli Wohlgelernter, who helmed the investigations.

Reached in Jerusalem, where the former New York Post, Jewish Telegraphic Agency and The Forward reporter and editor has lived and worked for the past seventeen years, Our Man Elli in Israel was stunned and gladdened by the news.

Said Elli:

"I could never have imagined in my 35-year career that I would be honored and blessed in such a way as to be nominated for a Pulitzer. When I was a kid just dreaming about the business, the Pulitzer meant more to me than the Nobel Prize.

"This was a story that I stumbled into, that came strictly from my love of baseball and the idea of baseball flourishing in the land of Israel. It began as a story of a summer league and it spiralled into so much more, as we uncovered new facts, scandals and sidebars that became an epic that stretched out for more than a year. Frankly, I don't think we've seen the end of the story yet. But I'll stay on it until the whole truth comes out.

"But a Pulitzer? Hey, it only validates all the hard work that's gone into all the exposés that Tabloid Baby and I have uncovered and revealed. And I'll tell you, I don't think most people comprehend the breadth and depth of this story.

"They will now."

On the job with cameraman Dennis Zinn for IBA TV News


Anonymous said...

How sad!!

A Pulitzer!!! Yeah Right!

I got $50 on how that turns out!!!

Anonymous said...

Baras has finally resurfaced!

Anonymous said...

WTF M8? TB getting nominated? I can see Elli getting the nom, but TB? All you fuckwits did was get your info from google alerts and Elli.

Props to Elli but none to TB. TB can lick Bara's taint.

Anonymous said...

show us another source to prove this is real.

Sy Hersh said...


Al Cohen said...

Elli is the man!
He was the only guy with guts to say it like it was!