Thursday, December 18, 2008

Delgo flops-- despite Frozen Pictures connections!

We’ve got to hand it to our pals at Frozen Pictures for taking credit for their Hollywood connections-- the good and the bad! In past years, we’ve brought out the incredible, downright eerie one-degree-of-separation connections between Frozen's classic ensemble sports comedy Cloud 9 and recent Academy Award-nominated and winning films, actors and actresses. But how about connections between Frozen Pictures productions and a real flopperoo?

The animated feature Delgo made cinematic history when it opened over the weekend. The story of “an adventurous but naive teenager” who “must rally his group of friends to protect their world from conflict between the Lockni and Nohrin people,” opened in 2,160 theatres last weekend and took in $511,920. That translates to two patrons per showing. It also makes Delgo the least attended film to open on more than 2,000 screens— ever!

Frozen Pictures connections? Let’s cut to the chase.

Burt Reynolds, the voice of Delgo's Father, starred in Cloud 9.

Eric Idle, the voice of Spig, is featured in Frozen’s acclaimed nonfiction musical biopic, The Seventh Python.

Louis Gossett Jr., voice of King Zahn in Delgo, is featured in Frozen’s lauded Bravo miniseries, All The Presidents’ Movies (recently updated and re-edited into the 2009 documentary feature, All The Presidents’ Movies: The Movie (From The Birth of A Nation to Obama Nation).

Val Kilmer, who voiced Bogardus, starred as porn actor John Holmes in the film Wonderland, whose structure and story was lifted from Frozen Picture’s landmark Court TV miniseries, Adults Only: The Secret History of The Other Hollywood.

And Freddie Prinze Jr., the voice of Delgo, is the son of late comedy star Freddie Prinze, who was the best friend of Alan Bursky, star of The New 30, the one-man stage show produced by Frozen Pictures.

There are other, more tangential connections (the late John Vernon, the voice of Nohrin Judge, played Dean Wormer in Animal House, the film whose highlight was a food fight set to the tune of Let’s Dance by Chris Montez (Frozen’s latest documentary subject). But there’s no reason to stretch things. Frozen Pictures seems to be in the middle of the Hollywood action.

On a more positive note, the Screen Actors Guild Award nominations were announced to.day And along with them the announcement that James Earl Jones will be receiving a Life Achievement Awards. James Earl is a star of All The Presidents’ Movies, the miniseries and The Movie.

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