Monday, July 02, 2007

Spectacles take on Michael Bay's latest spectacle

As they get deeper into recording the album that's shaping into the definitive rock music statement on LA's summer of 2007, indie music heroes The Spectacles are taking aim at one of the summer's blockbuster productions: Michael Bay's Transformers movie.

The day the movie lumbers into theatres, the band has written, recorded-- and unleashed-- Lost Episode-- a song that stands up for the individuality of a beloved character "who was originally a Volkswagen Bug, and not a GM piece of shit like Michael Bay wants everyone to believe."

Lead singer Brent Crowe roars:

"We are incensed by the casting of a Camaro in the role of Bumblebee in this film. Bumblebee isn't flashy. He's a fucking Volkswagen Bug through and through (except the robot in disguise part). Bumblebee's the kid no one wants on their robo-kickball team.

"He's the guy who wants more than anything to prove himself as an equal, but no one's ever paying attention to him except this annoying little human kid. Is there a little Bumblebee in all of us? Well, that's a question we're inviting you-– no, daring you-– to ask yourself."

Hear The Spectacles' latest here.

And watch this space for more on the making of a classic.

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