Monday, May 21, 2007

Exclusive! Inside The Spectacles recording session

Tabloid Baby had exclusive access this weekend as Hollywood's premier indie rock band The Spectacles got to work on their third album. Recording was moved from their hometown and the band shuttled to a secret location in Hawthorne, California, just a stone’s throw from the house where Brian Wilson and his brothers were raised and the Beach Boys began, for the sessions with legendary producer and canuck cowboy singer Brian Irwin.

“In the first session, we recorded the single from the new EP. It’s called Waste Heap. Some of the hardcore Spectacles fans may find it somewhat of a departure from our normal stuff. You might even call it a ‘pop masterpiece,’” said bassist Travis Fields, who made international news last week with his song about the death of Jerry Falwell. (He denies a report by tabloid television veteran Doug Bruckner that the group plans to record a cover of "You All Everybody," the song by Driveshaft, the fictional band from the TV show Lost.)

The Spectacles have been building a following in LA for the past decade since Fields and charismatic frontman Brent Crowe (right) recorded their debut album seven years ago.

Rounding out the band is guitarist Chris ‘C-Duck’ Anderson (below left, with Fields)-- late of C-Duck & Nate (Nate played Harvey on Sabrina The Teenage Witch)-- and the filmmaker Steve Oliver on drums.

Find their music on iTunes.

Photos © Travis Fields


DodgerJon said...

These guys are a real favorite of mine; rising stars, if you will, of the LA live music scene!

Can't wait for the CD!

Anonymous said...

Good call Spectacles passing on that "Lost" song.
They're not Driveshaft they're 'SUCKSHAFT!"

Anonymous said...

These guys are why I moved to LA.

Derek said...

You cant spell Spectacles without F-U-C-K-I-N R-O-C-K