Saturday, July 21, 2007

Big Brother's sexy showdown

CBS's summer reality fling, Big Brother, has flagged in newsworthiness and sexiness compared to its counterparts around the world (most notably, the UK BB, which for a couple of seasons now has served up steady headlines of racism, sex & violence).

Until now.

In the past week, CBS's corny Chenbot BB has generated real heat. Centerfold and lad mag editors, reality spin-off pros-- even movie producers-- are paying attention to a pair of old-school pin-up contestants on opposite sides of the superhero spectrum: the unpredictable Jen Johnson (evil) and the inscrutable Daniele Donato (good-- it's her dad who's Evil. Or Evel. However he spells it.).

So far, sympathy lies with Daniele, the 20-year-old Hooters waitress from Huntington Beach, an anorexic Anna Nicole-alike whose obvious troubles are compounded by the presence of her Tommy Lee wannabe father, "Evel" Dick (a pal of former MTV headbanger Rikki Rachtmann).

Jen, a 23-year-old nanny from Beverly Hills (someone lets her watch the kids?), plays the self-obsessed, vengeful blow-up doll in what's shaping into a reality version of Dynasty-- or at least the Isaiah Washington-Patrick Dempsey tiff on the set of Grey's Anatomy.

And did anyone else notice...

...that host Julie Chen hit Jen with a politically-incorrect double-entendre insult Thursday night when she told her that she "takes the 'uni' out of 'unitard'"? Though Julie added a scripted line about Jen using the catsuit for more than one look, by taking the "uni" out of "unitard," it still means that Julie was calling Jen a "tard."


Anonymous said...

Maybe Julie's boss will give her a good beating. Behind closed doors.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Julie's boss will give her a good sandwich behind closed doors. She and Danielle need to eat!