Friday, July 27, 2007

Lohan caught between God's work & man's law

Lindsay Lohan's parents battled it out in divorce court today, each accusing the other of reneging on their 2005 separation agreement.

Bizarrely, the judge reprimanded Michael Lohan for not paying child support since he was released from prison in March-- even though the former investment banker is living in the faith-based Teen Challenge Long Island drug and alcohol treatment center, working with teenagers without pay!

Michael said later: "I work for God. For a court to put a price on helping people with drugs and alcohol is ludicrous to me."

Stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

It sounds like the judge is a good friend of Dinas. How can anyone expect a man to pay child support when his employer is a not for profit organization like "Teen Challenge". I guess the real question is, does he get a W2? or not, I would guess he doesn't. I think his wife should pay this man a maintanence fee. That feels like the best judgment.

Anonymous said...

Why should a father pay child support if the mother wont even allow him to see the very same children he's supposed to be supporing? Stop using your children as pawns and party pals Dina and grow up!

Tamara said...

The guy sounds like a deadbeat to me, and I'd guess the court views him as a deadbeat as well.

Courts base child support on what the parent is capable of earning, not what they actually earn, in a situation like this. Bottom line, he needs to get a job that pays money, and he seems to be capable of making quite a bit since he used to be an investment banker. There is therefore no reason why he can't help support his children as the law requires.

If he wants to volunteer, that's great, but he needs to do so on his own time.

Considering that he has been in prison twice since his children were born (which kind of explains why his daughter has taken the road she has taken) it's understandable that some might think he's not the best person to be around those children.

Welcome to the real world, which is not at all like the tabloid world.