Friday, July 13, 2007

Who gives a f*** about the Beckhams?

We realize it's an old rag, but who said Paris Hilton jailbreak being a waste of oxygen? The Beckhams are in LA. And seriously, do these people have fans? Aside from his soccer prowess, which is appreciated in other parts of the world, are people really curious about these very British, very European proles with pretensions? Does anyone in the States really give a flying fuck about these vacuous pommie mannekins?

Anyway, Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham, the stick figure with silicone bags attached to her chest, will be featured in an NBC special Monday night that was supposed to be a reality series until someone in power, probably new programmer and party animal Ben Silverman, realized a Posh series would contain half the content and brains of Hey Paula! and wisely downgraded it into a single hour, and talks exclusively with Ryan Seacrest (whose American Idol/Simon Cowell/Simon Fuller/Spice Girls connection came in handy) on E! tonight.

The big news? She says she'll smile more.

Give us Kate and Pete. Noel and Liam. Somebody interesting.


Anonymous said...

By Teacher

On not getting what you want:
Olivia Newton-John in “Grease” was an inspiration. Remember when she wore those tight black satin trousers? One of my mom’s friends promised me those and she never came up with the goods. I still look at her and say, ‘You cow!’ You should never promise a child something and not come up with it.”

By Reno30

Her little pout constantly on her face is a bit much.

By Robb

I can't wait for the eventual special, Victoria Beckham : Going Back to England and Staying There.

By Bri

His voice is SO unexpected, though. They make him out to be such a stud and then he starts talking.

I've also seen "too much" of him and let me tell you, it freaked me out and not in a good way! Beckman is freaky looking!

Anonymous said...


By Kev

The Only Olivia Staff has arranged an interview with Chloe for the Sept/Oct issue of the Only Olivia Magazine.

Fan Club members will be allowed to participate in this exclusive Q&A with Chloe.

We will be setting up a special page in the "member's only" area http://members.onlyolivia.com/ in the next couple of weeks where you can submit your questions.

Anonymous said...

By Pinklady12_

that is mac-daddy cool Kev!!!!

I have to start thinking of my question now so I'm prepared... we all know how I get under pressure. I lose my brain!

By Kev

Yes we do Carie with 1 "R", yes we do! Agree you lose your brain and your sense to keep coming to our board when we talk behind your back about you and others during chat room time.

Anonymous said...

Hallucinating, OO must be trying those drugs Olivia Newton-john tried in Peru.

By Mikeh

I get so jealous when she finds a new man. I wanted to date Olivia but I'm probably too young and not her type.

By Dolphin1

Don't agree with any of the comments above. This is definitely not the man that lifted her soul / spirit up in the past two years, but he will probably get the credits for it! But what's new? Life repeats itself all over again. Thinking what she could have had! This makes me sick to my stomach, and no herbs will help!!
Credit where credit belong. Just a simple honest opinion........

By Gus

Dolphin 1 - huh? Are you on drugs?

By Dolphin1

Hey Gus,

I had to think about this for a while, but I decided that you deserve an answer:
Let me be that ONE VOICE, a simple one....
that tries to speak up for that "other man", not that it will make any difference what so ever....
I have no illusions about that....
But at least I've tried with an honest heart...
I don't want to start a difficult discussion on this matter, that is not my intention. I tried to say this as honorably as I can.
I prefer to leave it at that, if you don't mind.
My intentions on my message were always good, not bad unlike you Gus.
By Skye

Dolphin 1

You are on drugs and very concerned about Olivia, as if you have known her, or been a part of the past two trying years for her...it seems like you are upset, and perhaps hurting...just hope all is well, for you, and for Olivia. Be well....

Anonymous said...

Wow, Dale's arm is in a movie trailer, how stupid can one person be.
By Dale

Wow!!! I sent pics and film in of my JAWS collection to be used in a new documentary. It's finished and close to a deal being made.
Scheinder narrates the 2 hour documentary and for the trailer they got the original voice actor (you'll recognize him immediately)!!
Well during the trailer is a close up of my arm with the JAWS tattoo I have. I am wearing a Jaws shirt and holding up a ceramic JAWS I sculpted!!
I almost had a moment!!!

it's here!!!


By Trax

That's amazing and very exciting! You're clip is right at about 1:09. Awesome! I hadn't heard about this. I've been a fan of JAWS, and subsequently sharks longer than I've been a fan of Olivia, actually. Olivia is a much more pleasant encounter! Although, I would love to go down in a cage and see a great white in the wild. I think that would be amazing. The fact that they literally fly out of the water does not sit well with me, though. So that just might have to remain a little fantasy of mine (nervous laugh).

By Seekingsusan

Congrats Dale! I have seen that tattoo and would recognize it anywhere!
Yeah Susan, you have also seen the liquor bottle too much to recognize that anywhere also.

Anonymous said...

Hey YBIS, I think you are desperately needed to examine some of these OO fans.

By Livvyfra

This Whole Niagara Falls-concert-meeting-blast-holding-hands-thing led me to a strange dream last night.
I was at the concert and you were all there too. I don't know how but I knew everybody. And Kiliki came over to say hi, and then Arielle, and then Kevin, and Eddie...and everybody!! I haven't met any of you yet, but in my dream I knew who everyone was!! The concert was strange, in a huge ballroom, pink walls and red chairs. The funny thing is that chairs weren't nailed to the floor. You could move them, so once you got in you could simply take a chair and go sitting wherever you wanted to. (So no Ticketmaster problems, or balcony issues or up front rows struggles *lol*)Olivia was beutifully dressed in a sequined and beaded white and amber dress and she was happy to see us. Oh, I forgot: the concert was just for US. No other person in there!!She came down the stage to greet us after every song! That was funny, she was there amid us laughing and talking and smiling. Then she went back on stage to perform a very old song, something like "Grow young" but I don't remember very well. And all of a sudden she was dressed up in a glittering Barbie-prom night-dress...blue and silver. And she was dancing too like in Xanadu, dancers around her, people rollerskating who were lifting her up in the air...like she was a goddess or something.

By Pinklady12_2000

oh no...no shrink needed... Do I need one, since I'm hoping I was there in that dream too??

Yeah Carrie you also need a psychologist.

By Eddieo

I'm just hoping I have the same dream tonight !!

OK, we have three people who need psychiatry. How about four?

Counting Kevin and Melissa also? Those two belong together.