Friday, July 20, 2007

NY Times gives props to the original My First Time

"Steamy reenactments!"

A groundbreaking television docudrama series gets its due today as The New York Times runs a puff piece on the new off-Broadway play based on the My First Time website.

The site is filled with porny first-person stories-- some of them true-- about first sex experiences. The play, which features people sitting on stools reciting the stories, is notable for the gimmick of having audience members fill out questionnaires about their first bonks, which are read from the stage.

Surprisingly, parenthetically-- but accurately-- the Times article mentions that My First Time was already translated to cable television-- and even more creatively-- by our pals at Frozen Pictures, when they produced 26 episodes and two seasons of the groundbreaking adult docudrama series, My First Time, for Showtime:

(A 2003 series on Showtime was based on the Web site, though it involved steamy re-enactments.)

Far from a camp theatrical gigglefest, the series featured women describing their sexual initiations, and was most definitely honest in its emotional and graphic detail. Its high-quality interpretations were sparing, yet evoked eras and locales with sensitive though unsparing sexual frankness.

No penetration, though.

Frozen's silent partner in the series was the Ruddy Morgan Organization. Albert S. Ruddy is the two-time Academy Award® winning producer (The Godfather, Million Dollar Baby) who, along with Frozen partners Burt Kearns and Brett Hudson, wrote and produced the hilarious and socially insightful Burt Reynolds sports comedy, Cloud 9.

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Interesting concept... wild to shocking to sweet to steamy... hmm!