Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Lindsay's birthday party: WTF??!!

So Lindsay Lohan turns 21 in rehab in Malibu, gets out to have a birthday party and invites every bad infuence who helped get her into rehab in the first place. Party buddy/rival DJ Samantha Ronson, sex partner Calum Best and the best influence of all-- and by "best" we mean "worst"-- her mom Dina, who's playing house and partying elsewhere on the beach with her new boyfriend while Lindsay's baby brother watches.

Lindsay's next bash is August 24th. In court, when she's arraigned for that DUI coke crash. We hope someone close to her hears the warnings from her dad Michael-- and get the point about her recovery.


Anonymous said...

BRAVO!!! to the kid's Dad.

Anonymous said...

Her ass has a CREASE.

Also, have you seen the shot of her exposed vagina (stepping off a boat in Cannes last year)? Her skin tone & coloring of YOUR poolside shot completely MATCH the skin coloring on her vagina.

Good work, tabloid baby! You've proven that last year's "fire crotch" shot was not a photoshop fake!