Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Is this what we can expect from the TMZ TV show?

We've called occasional attention to the crass headlines and writing at TMZ.com, the Time Warner/AOL corporate gossip site that's headed by Harvey Levin and set to be turned into a syndicated Hollywood infotainment show. Headlines like these from the past 24 hours:

Paris & Pooch: Two Bitches Hang Loose!
Crow's O-Face
"Home Improvement" Star's House -- A Real S**thole
Dave Chappelle -- I'm So F**king Tired, Bitch!

Crass-- and dirty, no? But even they don't come close to today's item about an incident involving a star of the TV show CSI and one of the kids TMZ sends out with video cameras to taunt celebrities outside nightclubs. Dig this:

"CSI" Star Beats the Living Crap Out of TMZ Photog

Who knew the CS in CSI stood for c**ksucker?

Resident "CSI" douchebag Gary Dourdan pulled a Woody Harrelson last night -- unleashing a brutal, unprovoked attack on a TMZ cameraman outside of the most celeb-packed nightclub in Hollywood.

Are they serious?

We've been advising for months that Harvey and his boys had better clean up their act if they want to extend their appeal beyond their insular, decadent "Thirty Mile Zone." The cheap and racist "roboho" pun is one thing, calling someone a "douchebag" in print merely shows a lack of skill and imagination (let alone an editor), but we are truly shocked that a site that's so gaycentric would call someone a "c**ksucker."

UPDATE: TMZ has just updated its story under the headline:

"CSI" Jerkoff Wrangles Posse, Chases Injured Photog

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