Monday, July 30, 2007

Dr. Ruehl remembers Tom Snyder

All of us at Tabloid Baby extend our condolences to Tom Snyder's family on the untimely passing of the great television personality and journalist who famously interviewed the likes of John Lennon, Johnny Rotten and Wendy O. Williams on his always-entertaining talk shows as well as having a ball as the anchorman of local newscasts in Los Angeles and New York.

A special shout-out goes to Michel Horowicz, the legendary television producer who worked with Tom for many years, and whom we'd always heard of, knew of and worked one degree of sepration from until last year, when we had the pleasure working with him. A great talent and guy, Mike is. A great loss is Tom.

Meanwhile, our trusted correspondent, pal, and hardest-working man in show business, Dr. Franklin Ruehl, sends us another exclusive first-person reminiscence of his encounter with a fellow television giant:
With the death of Tom Snyder, I can now reveal that I felt he gave me short shrift when I guested on his afternoon talk show on Ch.7 locally (his show was replaced shortly thereafter by Oprah). I was endeavoring to present the scientific evidence for ETs, but he allowed another guest, who was talking about Jesus being onboard a UFO, about twice as much air time.

Unfortunately, I only have this show on audio tape as I did not have a VCR at the time, and the show never sent me a copy.

Later, around 1992, when he commandeered the nighttime Tom Snyder Show, his producer indicated that I would be a guest, but that never transpired.
Thank you, Doctor! Does anyone have a copy of that infamous "Jesus on a UFO" appearance? Please send it along!

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