Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tabloid Baby's Mitzvahpalooza photos help convict war profiteer in fraud case

Tabloid Baby has aided in the conviction of body armour mogul and Iraq war profiteer David H. Brooks on 17 counts, including insider trading and securities fraud, stemming from what prosecutors described as corporate looting and stock-trading schemes that made him more than $190 million.

The multimillionaire from Long Island was found guilty yesterday of looting his business to fuel a lavish lifestyle-- including the infamous "Mitzvahpalooza": the $10 million Rainbow Room bat mitzvah where stars inclusing 50 Cent, Steven Tyler, Joe Perry, Don Henley, Kenny G, Stevie Nicks, Tom Petty and Ciara serenaded his coming-of-age daughter.

The New York Daily News reports that:

"As proof, prosecutors showed the federal jury damning photos of Brooks holding court at the staggeringly opulent 2005 bat mitzvah for daughter Elizabeth."

The photos of that bat mitzvah, an embarrassment and shame to the rap and rock legends who were exposed as sellouts for making themselves available like balloon artists or party clowns, were first tracked down and published here on TabloidBaby.com- in November 2005- then republished and broadcast-- with credit-- to this news organization.

(See our original posts and exclusive photos here, here, here, here, and here.)

Brooks was indicted in 2007. Tabloid Baby was not called to testify in the case, nor were our photos ever subpoenaed.

photos © Tabloidbaby.com


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, TB!


Anonymous said...

Rich people should be ~ Tasered ~ relentlessly for spending their money so foolishly

What a waste and what a spoiled bunch of ~ people

OK before you start ~ don’t get me wrong if it’s THEIR money they can spend it anyway they like ~ But it WASN’T their money so Tase ‘em

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Tabloid Baby mogul helped convinced the body armor and war profiteer in Iraq David H. Brooks 17 counts.

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don’t get me wrong if it’s THEIR money they can spend it anyway they like ~ But it WASN’T their money so Tase ‘em

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