Saturday, September 11, 2010

Liberace Museum closing after 31 years

The Liberace Museum, tucked into a strip mall of East Tropicana Avenue two and half miles from the Las Vegas Strip, will close on October 17th, after 31 years in business.

The announcement came on Friday, the week in which a performer known as Prince Poppycock moved to the America's Got Talent finals after performing in a red-white and blue shortpants outfit that was surely a tribute to Liberace's star-spangled hotpants, and the month in which Michael Douglas, who is set to portray the flamboyant showman in a biopic directed by Steven Soderburgh, began treatment for throat cancer.

From Tabloid Baby, Chapter 38:

"...The papers would say it last snowed in Las Vegas in 1990. Wayne and I were in town for that last storm. We'd just arrived to shoot 'Vegas Week' material for A Current Affair. That was when Wayne got Maureen to dress up as a showgirl and I shot a piece on the Liberace Museum that we promoted as the discovery of the little known 'Mrs. Liberace.' The story was true. She was his sister-in-law."


nikki said...

Now this really makes me so sad, it seems as if all the real and "TRUE" stars are being laid to rest, to be forgotten, instead you wish to push these heck I haven't a clue what to call them well I shall give you one small example, a reporter for TMZ asked that gal that calls herself "Snooki" what she thought they should do to stop the oil leak in the Gulf, her reply was and this is an honest to God quote " I don't use tanning oil" now that is one very very intellegent young lady,don't you agree, now you have something like that, or the amazing and magnificent Liberace, why would you choose to close this aweomse museum, where people can come and look at a part of a real talent who left us all waaaaaaaaaay toooo soon! God Bless You Liberace, I still miss you so very much, you were and always will be one of a kind! RIP

Anonymous said...

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