Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beverly Hills Trader Vic's more prudish than Dubai!

Our exclusive report that the Trader Vic's bar at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Beverly Hills is covering the bare breasts of cartoon Polynesian women on its iconic cocktail menu has caused uproar around the world. The story has been picked up from Los Angeles to London and is sure to be fodder for late night talk show monologues and editorial debate.

Amid the hoopla over the defacement of the pop culture artwork with sloppy splotches meant to be bikini tops, a commenter in the Tiki Room Forum makes a startling observation:

"I was just looking at a Trader Vic's menu I got in Dubai and noticed that the wahines wear two leis to cover their 'boobies'. I thought that was odd, but maybe expected, Dubai is 'liberal' but has limits. Ridiculous to see that LA has even taken it a step FURTHER than UAE!"

There are two Trader Vic's restaurants in Dubai, where Westerners have been arrested for "indecent" clothing at public beaches.

Trader Vic's was founded by Victor Bergeron Jr. opened a small restaurant-bar called Hinky Dink's in Oakland, California on November 17, 1934. As its popularity spread, the menu and decor developed a tropical flair, and Hinky Dink's became Trader Vic's. Thhe first franchised Trader Vic's opened in Seattle, Washington in 1940. Bergeron opened a Trader Vic's location in Hawaii ten years later and in 1951 in San Francisco.

During the Tiki culture fad of the 1950s and 1960s, as many as 25 Trader Vic's restaurants were in operation around the world, all featuring the popular mix of Polynesian artifacts, unique cocktails, and exotic cuisine.



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