Wednesday, September 01, 2010

With Hague, life imitates Little Britain

British Foreign Secretary Norman Hague is a regular Sir Norman Fry, defending his marriage and denying his homosexuality after admitting sharing a hotel room with a young male aide who's since been forced to resign.

Hague admitted: "Whilst campaigning before the election we (he and a 25-year-old member of his "Tyke Mafia" of young aides who share his Yorkshire roots) occasionally shared twin hotel rooms. Neither of us would have done so if we had thought that it in any way meant or implied something else.

"In hindsight I should have given greater consideration to what might have been made of that..."

Yes, he actually used the word "hindsight."

Sir Norman Fry is a character on the comedy series Little Britain, a supposedly respectable member of Parliament with a wife and two kids who's always issuing statements to the press regarding compromising situations in which he's been caught.

His statements are written and delivered in a futile attempt to make his escapades sound innocent and justifiable, using phrases such as "on entering the room, my clothes accidentally fell off" or "I followed the gentlemen into the toilet cubicle to discuss foreign policy", and to cover up his apparent homosexual tendencies, since all of his statements refer to encounters with other men. He always makes his statements with his wife and children present and kisses his wife afterwards.

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