Sunday, September 12, 2010

Liberace who?

"When this started 30-some years ago, Lee was still a name. Keeping that brand alive has been very difficult. When Liberace passed away, no one really did what they did with the Presley estate. If you turn on XM Radio, you're going to see a Sinatra station, you'll see an Elvis station. When you look at Liberace, his music is well-played, interpreted by a real talent. But it isn't kept alive the way Elvis or Sinatra's is."

--Jeffrey Koep, chairman of the Liberace Foundation board of directors, on Friday's announcement that the Liberace Museum in Las Vegas will close October 17.


Anonymous said...

wait -- is that pic of the decaying Liberace for real??

Nikki said...

I really do hope and pray that you will reconsider, do to the loss of my husband to leukemia this past Dec3rd and a few other things, God in Heaven I'd be lying if I didn't tell you how broke I have been, I so badly have always longed to see the Liberace Musuem, now that you have brought it to the attention of so many, I ask you to please just give us enough time to be able to get our papers in order that we need for this trip and so on, I would be so very happy to be able to see this wonderful place, oh how happy he always looked, what an awesome smile, just as wonderful as he was tallented! Thank-you, I do hope so very much you will hold off on closing this thank-you so very much! God Bless!!

nikki said...

oh I almost forgot, theres a comment above asking if the photo is real, I know it isn't however it is sure in poor taste, as is your ever so tacky Liberace who, we are aware that music or whatever they are calling it these days has changed, God Willing one day it will again matter, as it did when I loved it so!

Dog beds said...

I ask that you give us just enough time to get our papers in order, we need this trip and so, I did be so happy to see this wonderful place.