Friday, September 03, 2010

David Hull is releasing his first solo album

The sudden late-in-life rock star resurrection of local teenage hero David Hull that we first chronicled four years ago to this day (September 3, 2006) has reached a new apotheosis with the release this month of his first solo album.

Soul in Motion is available for pre-order on i-Tunes and Amazon.com and will be celebrated with a release party on October 14th at the House of Blues in Boston. Dave reports that a video for the tune Pay Some Attention (above) has been shot and will be released soon.

Hull, the bassist from Stratford, Connecticut who found international success forty years ago with the Buddy Miles band, White Chocolate and the Dirty Angels. His connection to Seventies superstars Aerosmith (he and guitar partner Charlie Karp once planned a band with Steven Tyler) paid off at the end of the decade when he joined the Joe Perry Project. Hull would keep up a low-profile career based in the Boston area until 2006 when he was called back to the Majors, filling in on tour for Aerosmith bassist Tom Hamilton, who was sidelined with throat cancer. In the time since, he's kept up his chops with the James Montgomery Band, toured with a revamped Joe Perry Project and done more shows with Aerosmith.

The album drops September 14th. Hull tells his Facebook friends he's putting a band together, so expect a tour. Stay tuned.

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