Friday, September 03, 2010

Steve Friess rips off our Pete Rose story

Las Vegas blogger, New York Times stringer, Gay Vegas author, concert promoter and comp queen Steve Friess, always hustling for an article idea, has found his latest inspiration here at TabloidBaby.com.

Yes, the media figure who attacked us publicly and attempted to have this site shut down because we asked for answers about the mysterious and untimely death of local superstar Danny Gans (and later joined with local media friends to misdirect the investigation), has ripped off one of our exclusive stories for his latest space-filler in the Las Vegas Weekly.

The (self-proclaimed) Friesster has a story in this week's Weekly about baseball legend Pete Rose earning money by signing autographs in the Forum Shops mall at Caesars Palace. The article, apparently jammed out so he'd have something in the can while he was on a vacation road trip, echoes our exclusive July 18th post, Pete Rose in Hell, which revealed that the disgraced baseball great, banned from the game for his gambling, was earning bucks signing autographs in a Las Vegas casino mall.

Friess, who often accuses us of "stealing" when we run his photo (and who this week filched a TMZ shot of Paris Hilton's arrest for his blogsite), didn't even offer us a tip of the hat!

Naughty, naughty!


Anonymous said...

I don't see what the issue is. Rose has been spending significant amounts of time, up to 15 days each month, in Vegas signing autographs for the past 3+ years, and the media have been reporting on this for the past 3+ years. Google "pete rose las vegas signing" and take a look at the range of dates of the posts/stories. Web media outlets with significantly larger readerships than either your site or Friess' (or LVW.com, for that matter) have routinely published on Rose's signings. If Friess has ripped off your post, you've ripped off any number of other blogs.

I also don't understand how you can call your post an "exclusive" let alone complain that Friess ripped it off -- it just consists of photos of a not-unusual sight: Pete Rose signing autographs in Vegas in public. There was no original reporting, let alone any special access to your subject or analysis that would warrant the term "exclusive". It's a shame; I would have liked to have heard what your impression of Rose was after talking to him. According to Friess' piece, Rose has mellowed and is actually capable of holding civil conversations. (A friend confirms that he'll exchange pleasantries with people not in line for autographs, something he was absolutely unwilling to do back in 2007.)

Pete Rose said...

Sign your name next time, Steve!
Teebs doesn't censor comments!

Anonymous said...

Who said anything about censoring comments?