Thursday, October 01, 2009

Until we see that Kimmel-Silverman sex tape, David Letterman's got the most embarrassing late night scandal

First Conan O'Brien winds up hospitalized with a concussion after hitting his head during a silly stunt on his show, then comes word that someone's about to release a sex tape that Jimmy Kimmel made with Sarah Silverman, and now David Letterman says his sexual affairs with members of his staff led to an extortion attempt. Not a good week for the white guys of late night television. We'd guess Jay Leno is sitting pretty right about now.


Nikki said...

This is just bullshit in my opo I am not a fan of his nor would I ever be, I watched his show the other day for the 1st time cuz Bruce Willis was on and I like him, as I expected he made me ill to my stomach cheap as hell, some guy wanted a souvenir for India Bruce gave him one David was too cheap. This was his way of getting out of a scandal by lying to us all and trying to convince us he had been the one who was the injured party when they set some guy up by offering him a check for 2mil which is pocket change but to a cheapskate like Letterman who likely bitches everytime he has to pay an actual bill, he thinks everything should be give to him including sex uggg makes me ill to imagine it. By the way Letterman you wanted Jay's job that Johnny Carson gave him originally, than Jay was so missed they brought him back at 10 you tried to show off a photo of your prize shows only to see a huge article for Jay and this tiny congrats to you lmbo.....it looked so good on you!!

Kings Farmer said...


You watched Letterman's show ONCE, and now you're an expert on him.

And another thing:
Go buy yourself a Strunk & White.

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