Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No Steve Friess show for Danny Gans birthday

Las Vegas superstar Danny Gans' birthday went unmentioned in Las Vegas over the weekend. The musicial impressionist who died May 1st from an overdose of Dilaudid would have been 53 years old. Gans' spirit did hang over the city on Saturday, October 25th. As we'd reported, the coauthor of Gans' autobiography conducted his first official book signing at a Las Vegas shopping mall, and tickets went on sale for Garth Brooks' stand at Gans' theatre at the Wynn on the Strip.

The birthday was not noted or celebrated by Las Vegas blogger, New York Times stringer, Gay Vegas author and comp queen Steve Friess, who had used Michael Jackson's first post-mortem birthday as the excuse to produce the “Michael Jackson’s Untimely Death Was The Best Thing That Could Ever Have Happened to Michael Jackson’s Music Show” at the Palms.

Friess, whose website features a misleading photo of him hoisting female sex star Holly Madison in a Honeymoon-in-Vegas pose, later published a tortured explanation of his conflict of interest-- he was covering the Jackson death investigation for The Times. His producing partner and star of the show was fired from the Strip prodution of Jersey Boys.

Gans' life, philanthropy and memory was celebrated at a charity road race earlier this month.

We are still waiting for our copy of the Gans book, The Voice in My Head from Amazon.com, which is posting a three-to-five-week delay in orders. The book is published by the Las Vegas Review-Journal, which consequently laid low on Gans death coverage.


Anonymous said...

This incredible mess is our own God damn fault. We have become a nation of blithering idiot celebrity-junkie credit card morons. We don't support our local economies well enough. We hardly support small business anymore. We don't supply our troops well enough. Support for legitimate charity is way down. The people of this country won't even get out of credit card debt for their own fucking good or the good of their families. But when another filthy-disgusting-rich over-paid celebrity pig in a $500 cowboy hat comes out of retirement because he wants to get even richer, the people of this country drop what they were doing and buy out his next 20 shows in 5 hours flat. Springsteen sells out. Miley sells out. U2 sells out. Madonna sells out. Timberlake sells out. Every seat. Every time. Last year, we spent $400,000,000 on a single fucking movie just to see a guy in a bat suit beat up a dead celebrity. Everytime a celebrity farts in this country, the people are right there to pay for a whiff and charge it to their credit card. We do all of this without the slightest regard for the OBSCENE concentration of wealth or the effect had on economic stability. God damn fucking blithering idiot morons. If we are going to be this fucking stupid as a society, then we deserve whatever we get for it. and we ain't seen nothing yet. These shallow signs of recovery absolutely will not last. Maybe another 2 years max. Then, we will sink right back into the worst depression this country has even seen. We are on borrowed (printed) time already. The people should use this brief window of opportunity to get out of debt and into some type of home they can afford to call their own. Something they can leave for their children. Instead, they spend whatever they have left on those filthy pigs who already have way too much. Concentrating the wealth even further. They may as well take food right out of the mouths of their own children. Because they will struggle, fight, live, and die in a shattered society with a shattered economy. God damn fucking blithering idiot morons. It didn't have to be this way.

A Sun Casualty said...

You know, i held my tongue while you beat up on Steve Friess for all those months and made claims about his work, his conflicts, etc. I shouldn't have. What he's doing right now shows an enormous amount of courage and honor, something you have never shown in any way whatsoever. Taking on HIS OWN BOSS over the firing of dozens of people? You're an asshole and I wish I had mentioned it sooner. And if you'd listen to even one of his conversations with Steve Wynn, you'd know what a contentious, odd relationship it is. Friess is fearless, which is how he ended up on your attack list in the first place, for calling out your piece of shit blog and pathetic, desperate, unsubstantiated gossip.

P.S. Your new color scheme is unreadable, which is probably for the best.