Friday, October 09, 2009

Nude Marge Simpson is old nude news

Playboy is getting some ink and buzz this morning with word they've got Marge Simpson on the cover and possibly in a nude pictorial inside the November issue. Funny, but nothing new. Anybody with a kid who's googled his favorite Simpsons character knows the online toonporn industry has been showcasing The Simpsons and their neighbors in various naked positions and configurations for years now.

One of the safest-for-work pix is above.


Anonymous said...

What a slap in the face of Farrah Fawcett. She was THE sex symbol of the 70s and was on the cover of two of the mag’s most successful issues and THIS is how they pay tribute to her? A simple footnote on the cover??!! WTF Playboy? You put that drug addicted, ex-stripper Anna Nicole on your cover when she died but Farrah gets upstaged by a cartoon? How much did FOX pay you for this placement? Huge, missed opportunity here folks. This is why Playboy is barely selling and no longer relevant to consumers - it is edited by a goofy old man so out of touch. Farrah fans are insulted and Playboy once again missed the boat.

Mother of the year said...

Having a hard time with a cartoon character posing for Playboy. Gross.

Mother of the year said...

Marge Simpson on Playboy

The King of All Social Media said...

No kidding, Anonymous. For a much more fitting tribute to Farrah Fawcett, checkt this song out:


Anonymous said...