Thursday, October 08, 2009

Danny Gans book may debut at charity run

The first copies of the Danny Gans autobiography, The Voices In My Head, may be available and handed out at Saturday's Danny Gans Champions Run for Life in the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson.

R.G. Ryan, Gans' co-author of the book that he says was completed hours before the musical impressionist died unexpectedly and tragically on May 1st, tells Tabloid Baby exclusively:

"Hopefully, we'll have copies by Saturday morning out at The District for Danny's Champions Run For Life."

Ryan would not comment on the apparent dispute that delayed the publication of the book, which was bought up by the parent company of The Las Vegas Review-Journal within days of Gans' death and promised for rush-release in June.

Last week, Ryan wrote on his blog:

"After four, long months of needless delays, 'The Voices In My Head,' co-written with the late Danny Gans, is off to the printers and we fully expect to have copies in our hands by October 10.

"Our original plan had been to have the book in stores by the middle of June. Sadly, that didn’t happen for reasons too hurtful and complex to address in this forum. Citing the proverbial 'bottom line,' suffice it to say that the delays did not come from our side or from the publisher.

"I have given up so much for the sake of seeing this story in print, for all intents and purposes I am now numb to the process and fighting to find a reason to celebrate. I hope you read this book, for it is a compelling story of one man’s fight against debilitating pain and heartbreak, rising at last to the pinnacle of his profession… perhaps the best who ever lived. I’m anxious for you to meet my friend, Danny Gans.

"Hurtful and complex"? "The delays did not come from our side or the publisher"?

Ryan had first indicated that he was in a dispute with Gans' family when he blogged in July:

“After weeks of not knowing what was going to happen, I have come to an agreement with the estate of Danny Gans..."

This week, we again asked Ryan if the conflict had to do with his role, which may have morphed from anonymous ghostwriter to credited co-author on the cover of the book.

Ryan says this morning:

"I would like nothing more than to go into detail about what a stressful summer it was. Sadly, I cannot. Which, at the end of the day may be for the best as I am choosing to put it all behind me and press on. I've got many more stories to write and refuse to waste even one more hour, let alone another day, worrying about all that transpired.

"My name is on the book because Danny wanted my name to be on the book. Period! He was such a great friend, and I miss him terribly."

Ryan has added a section to his website in which he offers a tribute to his friend:

"Danny Gans poured his life into everything he loved—his family, his faith, his career and his city.

Sadly, the day after this book was finished, Danny died. His was a life well lived, and he leaves behind a story worth telling. This is that story.

From the dust and freshly cut grass smells of the baseball diamond, to the glitz and glamour of the Las Vegas Strip you will see the portrait of a man whose uncommon gifts as a comedian, impressionist and consummate entertainer were equally matched by a good, true and generous heart.

Love and loss, friendship and betrayal, glory and pain, all color the rich palate of his life.

Danny Gans, “The Man of Many Voices!” Although his voice has been silenced, his legacy lives on.

R.G. Ryan"

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